School trips

Introduce Old Quebec history in a different way with the Quebec scavenger hunt from Tours Voir Québec!

Quebec Scavenger hunt for students from Tours Voir Quebec was generated upon the advice of teachers wishing to better meet their students’ needs! Questionnaires and routes take into account the cognitive abilities and spatial skills characteristic of middle and high school students. This activity leads students to discover Old Quebec, a World Heritage City, by placing them, in small groups, within the context of, and amongst Quebec’s historical sites and fortifications.  Combine the scavenger hunt with the visit of our new center Immersion Québec for a successful outing!

Explore Quebec history in a fun outdoor atmosphere

Tours Voir Quebec offers you two Rally possibilities: one is our standard Quebec Scavenger hunt and the other is a custom designed rally to meet your particular needs. Each takes place inside Old Quebec City (Upon request our custom designed Rally can take you farther afield.) Tours require 60 to 90 minutes to complete safely and calmly.

Student scavenger hunt make for great school activities

To conduct Quebec scavenger hunts, Tours Voir Quebec provides experienced coordinators based upon a student/coordinator ratio suitable to the size of your group. Coordinators handle all logistics and ensure that everything runs smoothly. At the time of your reservation, you may decide to establish a list of teams of 3 to 5 students yourself or let the coordinators from Tours Voir Quebec look after it for you at departure time.

Discover Old Quebec in a secure way!

At the agreed point and time of departure of your Quebec Scavenger hunt, coordinators from Tours Voir Quebec will take great care in reading to the students the instructions and the safety rules. They will then provide each and every team with: maps, questionnaires, pencils and answer sheets. After one last reminder of safety rules, the coordinators will launch the rally with a touch of humour before proceeding to points along the route. Teachers may be called upon to help in ensuring safety. In the end, coordinators will collect and mark the answer sheets. Results can be had on location or may be forwarded to your school at your request along with small prizes!

Reserve your Student scavenger hunt now!

Reserve your Student Scavenger hunt from Tours Voir Quebec and make your school activities fun and easy! Organizing your school activities seems burdensome? Leave to us and spend more time interacting with your students and discovering Old Quebec as well. Save yourself time and money by filling out a simple Quebec Rally on Foot form. A member of Tours Voir Quebec’s team will be in touch with you soon! If you need further assistance contact us.