About us

tour voir quebec: guiding visitors through the discovery of quebec since 2004!

Whether you reside in Quebec City, visit for business or leisure or simply enjoy Quebec’s amazing history: Tours Voir Quebec beckons you to take time to explore Quebec City!

Who are We ?

We are dynamic, attentive, licensed Quebec City tour guides driven by a passion for the history, the architecture and the general culture that make Quebec City what it is. As a result we’ve enjoyed the opportunity and honour since 2004 to lead private and official tours for national and international personalities who were attending meetings and events or simply doing some sightseeing in Quebec City.

Our team

You can count on Tours Voir Quebec’s team of professional Quebec City tour guides made up of experienced local guides as well as promising new comers. Criteria for employment include: a demonstrated passion for Quebec City and the history of the French in North America, completion of advanced studies in history or social sciences augmented by significant life and travel experience or the mastering of several languages.

Our Mission

Tours Voir Québec's mission is to provide an exceptional, immersive visitor experience that showcases the rich history, culture and unique character of beautiful Quebec City.

Our goal is to offer high-quality tours that are educational, entertaining and engaging for customers of all ages and backgrounds. This means that our guides are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about Quebec City, and able to share their expertise in an accessible and engaging way.

Ultimately, Tours Voir Québec's goal is to leave visitors with a deep appreciation and understanding of Quebec City, its history and its people, and to inspire them to return and explore more of this dynamic and charming city on their own. By offering an exceptional experience, Tours Voir Québec contributes to the overall success and growth of Quebec City's tourism industry.