Pay parking is available underneath Quebec City Hall and along “des Remparts” St. Bus routes (3, 7 & 11) stops nearby Centre Infotouriste (12, rue Ste-Anne) which is the departure point for The Grand Tour.

First of all, historic sites such as Dufferin Terrace, Place Royale, Petit-Champlain District, the Ursulines’ Convent, Basilica Notre-Dame and Quebec fortifications lie hidden inside Old Quebec City and can only be appreciated on foot. Second, all tour buses are barred from the most distinctive areas of Old Quebec City. Third, walking tours constitute an ecological and healthy way to discover Quebec City. Finally, The Grand Tour represents a rare opportunity to meet and chat with a local Quebec tour guide, who knows and breathes Quebec City.

The Grand Tour always takes place in one language at a time. If you sign up for an English departure, rest assured that your tour will be conducted in English only.

You may pay in Canadian dollars, with your credit card (Visa™ or Mastercard™) or simply book online with any credit card through PayPal™.

During high season – from May 1st to October 31st - it is not required to book you spot for The Grand Tour but highly recommended. We do not book more than 14 participants per guide. In low season – from November 1st to April 30th - it is necessary to reserve in order to guarantee a departure.

From May 1st to October 31st, no number is required. From November 1st to April 30th, a minimum of 2 people is required.

Our guides tend to remain outside historic buildings throughout The Grand Walking Tour, there is just so much to see! But, in case of inclement weather they may elect to enter basilica Notre-Dame or the Ursulines’ Chapel.

Being a landmark of Old Quebec, Chateau Frontenac is part of The Grand Tour. It cannot be entered by tour groups. Many of our guides will volunteer to show you its interior courtyard however.

Since the Quebec Citadel remains an active military base it makes use of its own guides. The Grand Tour presents its external features as well as its general history. If you wish to visit the inside of the Quebec Citadel, our combo Old Quebec and the Cidatel is the way to go!

The Grand Tour stays within the confines of Old Quebec City - a World Heritage City. It is however possible to enjoy a guided tour of the Quebec Plains of Abraham by hiring a private Quebec tour guide.

The Grand Tour will lead you through at least twenty significant Quebec historical sites and introduce unique aspects of Old Quebec City along the way, be they architectural or cultural.

Quebec First Nations played and keep on playing an important role in Quebec history. Their history is definitely part of The Grand Tour.

No, Tours Voir Québec is privately owned and independent.

Quebec Guides from Tours Voir Québec do not consider the use of costumes necessary to conduct interesting and stimulating Quebec City Walking Tours. They do display a name tag and the Quebec City license for tour guides.

Fifteen (15) to twenty (20) adults per guide as a maximum. There is no minimum.

If you need Quebec Guides from Tours Voir Quebec, it is not necessary to book very far in advance, unless you want special arrangements.  For your peace of mind, we accept cancellations up to 48 hours prior to departure time at no cost. We require full paiement when placing your reservation.

You may provide an approximate number of participants when placing your reservation and confirm the final number the day before the Quebec Private Guided Tours.

The level of flexibility of Quebec Private Guided Tours allows for adjustments of the walking distances to the age and physical condition of participants.

It is possible to include such a break. Tours Voir Quebec can help you plan for it.

You may pay in Canadian dollars, with a credit card (Visa™ or Mastercard™) or by company cheque. Invoicing after the activity is also an option.

Quebec Rallies on Foot include references to the history of Quebec City. They also allow the participants to find out about buildings and monuments of Old Quebec City. The participant’s sense of observation and deduction are put to the test.

Quebec Rallies on Foot schedule is flexible, you can reserve it at the date and hours of your liking.

Tours Voir Quebec asks for a minimum of 10 paying participants for the historical Quebec Rallies on Foot to take place.

Tours Voir Quebec recommends dividing the group into teams of 3-5 participants if there are fewer than 60 participants; larger teams should be considered for groups of more than 60 participants.

Tours Voir Quebec designed historical Quebec Rallies on Foot adapted to school groups of different grades.

Tours Voir Quebec’s expertise in the field of Tour & Travel planning will ensure that your clients experience Quebec City and its immediate vicinity efficiently. To plan group tours of Quebec City and its surroundings implies that one knows: Quebec tourist attractions and historical sites as well as the time involved to fully enjoy and travel to them. Tours Voir Quebec can take care of all those details for you! Save yourself time by hiring a Quebec City expert from Tours Voir Quebec.