Carole P.


English, French

The Tours I do:

Historical tours, walking or by buses of Old Québec and suburbs, Orléans Island, Beaupré Coast and Rallyes.

Before being a guide:

I have worked 30 years for Canada Customs.  I provided training on each new trade commercial program to employees and to importing and exporting public.  I created seminars that I gave to the public and which are on the Internet.

Travel experiences:

 I have traveled almost everywhere in the province, I visited Canada from East to West, several American States, Southern Islands, European countries, China and Australia. I am always ready to explore the world, its different cultures and meet people.

Why I became a guide:

 I really like people.  It is always a pleasure and a great pride to make you discover my hometown, its religious, military, social history, the different points of interest and activity that take place here.

Favourite reading:

This is a book that I recommend to all people who love history:  Champlain’s Dream by David Hackett Fischer.

My ultimate goal:

Whether you want to come back to see us at another time of the year because, believe me, Québec and its River are magnificent and different in all seasons.

Hope to meet you!