English and French


The Tours I Do

Private and public walking tours, private tours in cars, and sometimes student and rally tours



My first ever tour took place in terrible weather, with rain, snow and strong winds, for a large group of students who were not dressed for the weather at all. Since I’ve done this tour with success, I know that I can make my clients fall in love with Quebec in any context.


Travel Experiences

I had the opportunity to visit several European countries, including France, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, etc., in addition to a multitude of American cities and the vast majority of Canadian provinces. Each time, I strive to understand the link between the history of these places and their current context.


Before I Became a Tour Guide

After my college degree in statistics and a few years working for the provincial government, I got a job at Université du Québec, as manager of the local network, before a long career as director of operations and facilities in the same institution. Since I retired, I have been a tour guide and also a sports photographer.


The Reasons I Became a Tour Guide

When I landed in Quebec City in the 80’s to attend university, I instantly fell in love with the city and became one of its most ardent ambassadors. For many years, I have known that I want to share this passion with everyone having the desire to learn more about this wonderful city. As soon as my schedule allowed me to do so, I seized this great opportunity and became a tour guide.


What I Like to Insist On During My Tours

Quebec City’s history is unique in North America, thanks to the succession of French, British and Canadian periods that have shaped the city and its inhabitants, generally through happy blends of those distinct heritages. To fully understand what Quebec is today, I constantly like to make connections between its rich history and the contemporary life of residents of the city and the province. The political, architectural, social, economic and religious history is discussed during the tour, as we’re walking around the monuments and emblematic places in the city.