Languages ​​spoken: French, English

The tours I do:

Grand tour, private tours. on foot and by bus.


An English-speaking customer made me laugh, the Unibroue beer ad, she understood Unibrow!!

Occupation before becoming a guide:

Landscape gardener, social organizer

Why did I become a guide?

Passionate about history, I took my guide course, to be able to share all this knowledge and I love my adopted city! Even more so, under the gaze of my customers, I like to rediscover it. There is always something new to learn...

What aspects of Quebec do I prefer:

General history, talking about the first peoples, Quebec and Canadian politics and the women who marked the history of the city.

Favorite readings:

There are, of course, magazines on history like Cap Diamant but otherwise, Louisa Blair, the hidden history of the Anglophones in two volumes