LANGUAGES: English French

THE TOURS I DO: Grand Tour, Private city tours by small vehicle (2-6 people) Private city tours by bus as well as student tours (Champion any category with teenagers).

ANECDOTE: A curse falls on my winter student tours. Teachers be on the lookout, it seems like the snow on the roofs falls on your heads 200% more often when you follow me. Sorry about that! OCCUPATIONS BEFORE BEING a GUIDE: I have been a guide since I left school in 2015. I studied Tourism (Promotion of tourism product) but I always knew I would be a guide. I still occupy several other roles: facilitator, tour guide and sales representative.

THE REASONS WHY I BECOME A GUIDE: I am a passionate person who likes to share his passion with others. Quebec is and will remain the most beautiful city in the world in my eyes and I fully intend to share this conviction with those who join me.

ON WHiCH ASPECTS OF QUEBEC I PREFER TO EMPHASIZE DURING MY VISITS: It all depends on the people in front of me. I'm not planning an already thought-out walk. I start my rounds by saying, ’history is just a series of more or less fair lies that the majority have agreed on. Let's take the time to discuss it! ‘’. With me no subject is taboo. As long as you discuss respectfully, all subjects are interesting. I particularly like the cultural elements of the city (festivals, shows, events and food) as well as the important military and maritime history. On the other hand, I am open to discussing religion, politics, languages ​​or the like as long as all participants are comfortable.

READINGS I RECOMMEND: A series of two "The Remarkable Forgotten" books: The remarkable forgotten: Tome 1-They made America, Serge Bouchard and Marie-Chistine Levesque, Lux 2014 The remarkable forgotten: Volume 2-They ran America, Serge Bouchard and Marie-Chistine Levesque, Lux 2014