Languages ​​spoken: French, English

The tours I do: The Grand Tour, Private walking tours, Guided group tours by coach etc.

Anecdote: A person asked me if all the restaurants in Quebec were closed during our snowy winter…

Travel experiences:
Passionate about history, geography and knowledge of our world from a very young age, after having worked for 3 years as a chemical engineer in a factory, I realized my dream of crossing the Atlantic in a cargo ship to undertake a journey that would take me to Europe for two years to visit more than a dozen countries on this continent.
Whether through my travels or seasonal jobs such as minibus driver in a ski resort in the Alps in French-speaking Switzerland, it is with an ever-renewed pleasure that I discovered the diversity of the world with its riches, its customs and cultures.
This passage of life was going to confirm my need to travel and meet people.
Subsequently, I traveled many times with my family with my wife and my daughter in Europe and the United States.

Occupations before being a guide:
Upon my return, I made the choice to pursue my career in the field of representation, more particularly chemical products in the pulp and paper sector, which also led me to travel on business throughout Quebec, America and Europe, while combining business with pleasure.

Reasons to be a guide:
My travels allowed me to realize the extraordinary beauty of the city of Quebec, its unique character, its extraordinary richness, which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world which deserves to be discovered in all its aspects. . Being a guide allows me to live and transmit my passion for our city, its history while meeting passionate and inspiring people.

Aspects particularly covered during my tours:
First, its unique character through its incomparable mixed architecture and its particular geography, the history of the Conquest and the decisive contribution of people and communities to the construction and progress of Quebec society. Through its military, social, religious or other history, I like to embellish my narrations with colorful and amusing anecdotes, while trying to answer all the questions that often go beyond the scope of the visit.

Recommended readings:
Quebec 1534-2000 by Jacques Lacoursière, Jean Provencher, Denis VaugeoisOld Quebec, Walker's Guide by Jean-Marie Lebel