Languages:  French and English

Tours:  I guide walking tours of Quebec City, either private or in group. I like to show different parts of the city, even outside the walls. I sometimes lead tours by bus, car or bike to explore the surroundings of Quebec City.

Travel Experience:  Canada (9 provinces), the United States (east, west and south), France, England and sun destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

Before being a tour guide:  I am a former elementary school teacher. I have lot of administrative experience. I have worked in several fields as an organizer of sporting events, lectures and seminars. Also, I was the president of a sport association for many years.

Why I became a guide:  I always loved history and geography and I taught it with pleasure for many years. I like meeting people from all over, so after my retirement, it was natural for me to become a tour guide. Being born in Quebec City, I love exploring my city and I am passionate about sharing its unique culture. Whether talking about architecture, monuments, parks or the prominent people who contributed to our history, I want tourists to discover some of the secrets of this beautiful French-speaking city.