Languages : French, English

The tours I do: Individual and group tours (including schools) of historic Quebec City and/or its surroundings (Orleans Island, Côte de Beaupré). 

Travel experiences : Extensive travel throughout Europe, having studied and worked in   France and Belgium. My hobby of travelling has led me to many different regions of the world, including Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and South America. And for the last ten years as a tour guide, I’ve led various tours across Canada (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia) as well as the U.S. (Eastern U.S. and the Southwest). 

Before becoming a tour guide: My university studies in urban planning encouraged me to become actively involved in the protection of heritage buildings. Later on, in my professional career I was involved in the development of commercial and cultural links between Quebec and the European Union. 

Why I became a tour guide: I’ve always been fascinated with the two subjects of history and education, but the focus of most of my professional life led me in a different direction. Today, living in the heart of the historic old city of Quebec and working as a tour guide has enabled me to combine these two passions. 

What I want tourists to remember about their visit:  I would like them to remember how the historical development of Quebec was influenced by its national and international environment. I also would like them to remember that although Quebec has a rich historical past, its current dynamic economy will ensure it a successful future. But most of all, I would like visitors to leave Quebec, curious to learn more about this fascinating city and to remember the many reasons why  they should come back for a longer stay!

A book I recommand: Champlain’s Dream by the American historian David Hackett Fischer