Marie B.


French, English

Tours I do

The grand tour, historical tours and private walking or onboard cars and buses tours that include Old Québec, the Plaines of Abraham, Parliament House, Beaupré coast, Montmorency falls and Orleans island.


During a group walking tour, a lady asked directions to go back to her hotel because her knee was hurting. She spoke english only and we were pretty far from her hotel. I was afraid she might get lost on the way, she had some difficulty walking and there were no taxi cabs around. Luckily for us, there was a police car parked at the corner. I explained the situation and asked if they could take her to her hotel and they said : of course, we’ll do it! The lady and the rest of the group were charmed by the officers’ response.

Travel experience

I was a travel agency owner for more than 25 years so I had the opportunity to travel on a regular basis to a great number of countries. I visited almost all of the European countries west, north and east. I traveled to some countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I love to discover cities and their history, and most of all I adore the feeling of being in unknown territory when my eyes and ears are simply filled with the new sights and sounds that surround me.

Why I became a guide

Québec is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and its history is fascinating. As a second career and part-time retiree, I find there is no better job than to guide the curious visitors that travel to Québec. I enjoy meeting people from all around the world and I find it a privilege to have the chance to help them know better and discover this city I love.

Which aspects I insist on during my tours

I like to cover a little bit of all military, religious and architectural heritage. But I also find it important that visitors have the important references in our political and social history, so I integrate these aspects of our history here and there during the tour.

Favorite books

Champlain’s dream, David Hackett Fischer

Mythes et réalités dans l’histoire du Québec, Marcel Trudel