Marie H.


English, French

The tours I do:

The Grand Tour, the Food Tour, Private tours.

Travel experiences:

I enjoy travelling to Latin-America and to UNESCO World heritage sites, like the Old-Quebec. I like Mexico that I have explored from coast to coast, meeting with people and discovering more than 30 fascinating pre-Columbian archeological sites.

Why did I become a guide:

I travel to discover wonderful countries and exceptional people. Now I have the privilege to travel every day in my wonderful home town, the “most beautiful” city in North America. There is only one thing missing: you, those exceptional people that I hope to meet soon.

In my tours, I like to insist on:

Québec Historic District is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 and a Capital City since its founding. It is very important to introduce Quebec City by linking its history to North-America History as well as to European issues of the past.

A complete tour will include elements such as military and fortification history, founding and establishment of its institutions, French and British architecture, religious heritage, French language and related facts, major historic characters and artists, European immigration and British Heritage, local geography and geology, first settlers and reasons why they founded the City. And much more…

A few words...

«I was born and grew up in Quebec City that I left at the age of 24. With no plan to return. Studies, job in technology, family… then I discovered the History, my own history and my own roots. My children were born far from Quebec City and later chose to move in. I followed them 30 years after having chosen to never come back. Attractive, unique, essential, this is what Quebec City is all about.»
- Michel