The tours I do: Grand tour, Food tour, Private walking tour, Step-on tours of Quebec city, Scavenger hunts for students and adults.

Languages: English, French.

My favorite anecdote: I was guiding for a young family whose little 5 year old seemed particularly impressed by the story of Samuel de Champlain. When I explained that Samuel died on Christmas day, December 25th of 1635, and that to this day we have no clue of where the remains of our founder lie, the child said: “Maybe Santa Claus brought him with him?”

Why did I become a tour guide? For fun! I’m lucky enough to live in Quebec City, one of North America’s most beautiful cities. I just want to share my passion for this town, to tell its story and to help tourists visit it from different angles hoping they’ll dream to come back to see it in another season.

Travel experience: France (Paris, Rouen, Dieppe, Larochelle, as part of a King’s Daughters memorial trip, Alsace and Corsica) Spain (Andalusia, Madrid and Barcelona) Portugal, Great-Britain and Ireland, Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Before being a tour guide: I started my career as a physical education teacher in elementary schools as well as in high schools. Then I became a municipal manager for the leisure, culture and community life service.

In my tours, I particularly insist on: As a descendant of a King’s Daughters I am inspired by the courage of these 800 women who came to populate the colony to tell how life was in the New France era. As we walk around the beautiful streets of Old-Quebec, it is such a pleasure to talk about architecture, military history, religious institutions as well as the preservation of the heritage. You’ll get the opportunity to see, hear, understand and even taste (food tour) the influence that the various important periods in the history of Quebec City (Native American, French, British and Canadian) had on the Quebecois people that we are today. You will also discover the modern part of Quebec City vibrating through each season.