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The tours I do:

The Grand Tour; the Food Tours; the private tours wether on foot or on vehicles, for Quebec City as well as the country side; the scavenger hunts.

My favourite anecdote:

From one of the participants (a bit of a joker) on the GT: ‘Hey Michael, where’s the Dollar Store?’

Before being a guide:

Site planner for Québec’s network of provincial parks. (1983- 1997); -Executive secretary reporting to four committees overseeing environmental and social review of development projects planned for northern Québec (James-Bay and Nunavik) (1997-2013).

Why did I become a guide:

Share my passion for Québec City while staying active. (physically and intellectually)

In my tours, I like to insist on:

I present the highlights of the city’s evolution through time and space by way of its military history, its religious and educational history as well as the manner in which it has evolved from a business and commercial standpoint. I also present today’s Québec via its economy, its educational sector as well as its cultural, artistic and sporting vitality and effervescence.