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The tours I do:

Grand Tour, Private city tour on board of a small vehicule (2-6 people) Private city tour on board of a bus.

My favourite anecdote:

I have been a tour guide for many years and the most difficult question I have been asked is : << Who dug the St-Lawrence River ? >> You have to admit that it is a quite difficult question to answer.

Travel experiences:

I love my city but I also like to travel. Over the years, I visited may countries mainly in Europe, as Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, France, England, Switzerland and Greece. I have also travel to many states in USA. Last year, with a group of friends, I went on a one week trek in the Sahara desert. During that week, we camped all the way and we walked a total of 90 km in the desert, a unique experience.

Before being a guide:

I worked many years in an IT department, mainly teaching software to users. All my professional life, I always seeked to learn new skills. In my tour guide job I also make a point to regularily learn new facts, to better understanding the history of Quebec to be a better tour guide.

Why did I become a guide:

I love my city and take pride to show it to the many tourists from around the world. Quebec is one of the oldest city in North America and it has shaped the history of the early days of this continent.

In my tours, I like to insist on:

The social history linked to immigration, the religious history, the social life of the city today and things to do in the city. But I have a special interest in the architecture and the military history.

A book I recommend:

I read a book on the life of Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec City, quite interesting.

A few words...

«Join me for a Quebec guided tour and you will spend two pleasant hours filled with the pleasure to discover this magnificent city which breathes history. In the end you won’t want to leave! Your smiling Old Quebec City tour guide awaits you.»
- Pierre