I am able to do any tour offered by the company.


I have several anectodes that I like to relate but the one I like the most is definitely how the governor Frontenac treated the emissary sent by Phipps and his famous answer. : « Tell your general that the answer will be by the mouth of my canons. » I guess that it is because I love our military history so much.


Before guiding in Québec, I was an Innkeeper in the heart of our beautiful city with my family. We operated for 53 years and this where I grew up. I also worked for Quebec Hilton and in a gastronomic restaurant near the Citadelle.

Why did I become a tour guide

Following the sale of my Inn within the walled city, I wanted to continue to share my passion for my city with our visitors and explain our history as well as the richness of our patrimony. I can now do it freely while walking in the streets with them.

When I guide through the streets I mostly like to talk about

  1. Military history
  2. Religious history
  3. The importance of the first nations
  4. The Architecture
  5. What to do in Québec.