Robert S.


English, French

The tours I do:

Grand Tour, Food Tour, private tour whether on foot or on vehicle (automobile or bus) for the Old City as well as for the country side (Island of Orléans, Montmorency Falls, Beaupré Coast and Basilica at Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré), scavenger hunts for adults or students

Travel experiences:

With my wife and my 2 sons, I have travelled all over North-East of Canada and United States, of course on many trips! I have also travelled to France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

Before being a guide:

Believe it or not, I was trained to become an actuary then a statistician. I spent the last 25 years of my career doing research related to road safety. I liked to explain the results of my work related to road safety and now I would like to talk to you about my City.

Why did I become a guide:

It is when I had to leave my beautiful little native town of Baie Saint-Paul in order to continue my education at the Minor Seminary of Quebec, located right in the heart of Old-Quebec, that I felt in love with this City. A few years later, I had the opportunity to study in London at L.S.E. where I also developed an interest for trips and making contact with travelers.

So, being retired since 2009, I took the course to become a tour guide and now here I am. I would like to share with you during a few hours my passion for my City and its inhabitants. It is an invitation…. see you soon!

In my tours, I like to insist on:

Beyond the description of the monuments and sites that we will see during the tour, I will try to address many topics such as architecture, both related to the French and the British regime, the military history of the City, the Amerindians, the beginning of catholicisism north of Mexico, the religious communities and their influence on education and the health system.

I will also talk about the amazing economical history of the City and the importance over the years of its port and the river as well as a few more contemporary topics such as education, health and housing. Finally, I will not let you go without trying to answer your questions about restaurants, museums, shopping, and things to do during your stay.